2020 Fee Schedule

Individual Psychotherapy - $125/50 min. session

Couples Psychotherapy ---- $125/50 min, session

Family Psychotherapy ----- $125/50 min. session

After Hours Phone Sessions $250/50 min. session

Motivational Speaking*

Group Therapy*

Corporate Workplace/Team Building Training*

Please Note: I am a private pay Clinician and don't accept insurance, I can provide you a Superbill (Available Upon Request) that in turn you can submit to: your insurance provider for reimbursement. 

Be Advised: With so many insurance providers out there it is strongly advisable and encouraged that you contact your insurance provider about your specific policy pertaining to reimbursement rates for "Out Of Network" Treatment.  

*Please inquire for rates, details, and availability from Daniel Acosta at daniel.acosta@therapysolutionstoday.com 

Daniel Michael Acosta, M.A., AMFT

Registered Associate Marriage and Family Therapist

Registration No. AMFT 93817

Employed and under the supervision of Clinical Psychologist Dr. Heather Coakley Psy.D.

PSY 21078