What People Are Saying

    Dan is such a fascinating and caring therapist. I get a feeling of real connectedness and also a sense that he completely understands where I'm at and where I desire to go. He is patient and sincere about helping and you will feel that in every moment. I couldn't think of anyone else in the world that you would be in better hands with. - 9/26/2018 LB   

    From the beginning I could tell that Daniel really cares about his patients. I feel like am not being judged and that he also tries extremely hard to figure out what's going on. I can tell by his questions, they really make me stop and think before I can give an answer. They relate to the topic at hand and offer a level of depth that I can't get to on my own. I felt like I was talking honestly to a friend rather than a stranger. He truly takes a different approach from patient to patient and I can tell. I'm hopeful to continue working with Daniel. - 10/5/2018 FD

    Daniel takes a very active approach. He has been counseling my son and is greatly helping with many issues. He has practical ways to assist with social skills for young adults who are struggling. - 10/16/2018 CO

If you are looking for a Therapist that truly cares about your treatment, then go see Daniel today. Daniel is the best therapist that I have known. Prior to finding Daniel, my experience with therapists was terrible. Countless therapists never had any treatment plan laid out for me. I feel like the sessions were a complete waste of time. Many therapists would just hand me a book and tell me to read through it. Who has time for that? And if I am just going to read a book then what use is it going to see a therapist? Other therapists just tell stories and almost makes the sessions all about them. I am there for me, not to hear their stories! It just seems that most therapists want you to come back and just collect your co-pay. Daniel is a different caliber when it comes to Therapists. He really cares about you and wants you to work through your challenges so that you can have a better quality of life. And another thing I really like about him is he explains to you in detail what to expect from the sessions. He explains that in order for your treatment to be successful - it will be you doing the work. No other therapist ever explained that. My understanding of what therapy is prior to seeing him is that the therapist tells you what to do. Boy was I wrong - that is the definition of a Life coach, not a Therapist. Daniel enlightened me to what the role of a therapist really is. Now, on to the office. I love the comfortable atmosphere of it. The chairs are super comfy in the waiting room. The decor reminds me of a home. I like that, because for me it makes me feel more at ease. Offices that are decorated too modern seem cold. The atmosphere here is really inviting. If you are ready to change your life and finally work through the challenges you are facing - I recommend you see him. I can assure you, that you will not go looking for another therapist after you see him. - 10/19/2018 VA

    I am so impressed with how caring Daniel Acosta is. If you are looking for a therapist that truly cares about you and not the clock this is the man to go to. He inspires me with every visit and is always available to help me out or just be there to listen. Very impressed. - 11/17/2018 CT

My wife and I will forever be in debt to Daniel. As a Marital Therapist, Daniel is arguably the finest around. My wife and I began to seek guidance with our internal issues and within hours of sending a 'Contact Me' email Daniel had called me with an incredibly sincere tone of wanting to be of assistance. Since that initial introductory call, Daniel has become more than a therapist, but rather someone who we truly believe is an angel from above sent to help others. Being a husband and father himself, this was important for us as we felt he had a deeper understanding and that belief certainly came true as Daniel is as real as they get. In addition, that same day we reached out for help, we set up a session that was supposed to last only 50 minutes. 2 hours later, we were still with Daniel discussing a game plan for our marriage albeit 10pm at night. A wonderful testament to Daniel's whatever it takes mentality in order to help his clients.  Last, Daniel offers teletherapy that we have engaged in several times in an effort to maintain continuity - it works incredibly well as we are both busy, career-oriented individuals. Daniel, thank you for all you've done. For all the readers, I highly recommend Daniel for any and all therapy services. - 11/30/2018 CJ

    I highly recommend Daniel Acosta, at first my husband and I weren't comfortable seeing a therapist (this was our first experience) but Daniel made us feel right at home from the first session. He goes above and beyond for his clients and his effort and kindness does not go unnoticed. My husband and I are forever grateful for Daniel. Daniel not only is extremely fair, but he genuinely cares about his clients. He doesn't listen/speak to you like you would think a typical therapist does, but rather listens and speaks to you like a friend - which we found to be extremely important and helpful. My husband and I have been seeing Daniel for over a month now and we've already noticed progress in not only our marriage but how we deal with situations as a whole. This is all a true testament to Daniel's dedication to us as clients but also to his knowledge and practical advice. - 12/12/2018 KJ

Very caring and open therapist. Focuses on you and your needs, and he actually remembers things said from previous sessions. Other therapists I've seen couldn't even remember names of my significant others or events that I talked about in previous sessions. Very goal oriented approach and overall a good guy. Highly recommend. - 1/2/2019 MT

So blessed to have found Daniel. Thanks to him, I’ve learned to deal with things much better. I didn’t expect to feel comfortable with opening up to him since I’m so closed off when I first meet someone, but naturally he has such a way with words that I didn’t struggle with opening up at all. Daniel made it clear from the very beginning that he was on my team and rooting for me. Having that kind of support from someone worked wonders for me. It helped me look at things in a much more positive light. I always look forward to my next session with him! - 2/9/2019 JD

So thankful for everything Daniel does for me. He’s an awesome therapist. He actually listens and doesn’t judge me. I feel like I can tell him anything and he’ll find a way to help me work through it. Honestly I think going to therapy is one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself. Better yet having Daniel as a therapist definitely makes every minute worth while. Definitely recommend! - 2/12/2019 KV

Daniel is a great therapist.  You can tell that he cares about his patients, he is nice and patient, and will take the time to ask the right questions and not rush through the appointments. He follows up and makes sure everything is going well so you feel you are in safe hands with him. - 4/1/2019 PA 

My wife and I absolutely love Daniel. He has been so incredibly patient, warm-hearted, professional, and unbelievably available for us. He possesses a very big heart for helping people, and I will forever be thankful for all the help he's provided so far in my marriage. - 4/5/2019 EP

Daniel is truly the best therapist out there! He contacted me in a timely manner when I first reached out for counseling, which was very important to me because I was in a crisis situation. In fact, Daniel used our first consultation where most people talk about counseling fees and other administrative matters to actually provide counseling services on the spot because he heard the pain and distraught I was in. I had a breakthrough at that moment because of it. I am in one of the hardest moments in my life. Daniel is truly a God-sent. His expertise and compassionate heart go above and beyond any other therapist I have ever met. He is always responsive and knows how to get to the heart of the issue. In the most difficult season of my life, Daniel provides expert counseling and has been always responsive, no matter what day of the week or time of day it is. In fact, he has provided crisis counseling on moment’s notice, if he doesn’t have a client he is already with, for me and my husband even at midnight. You must go see Daniel if you want an expert on your side to get you through difficult times. - 4/5/2019 RH

Daniel has been nothing short of Amazing to work with. He is extremely responsive, very intelligent and engaged on every level. He truly has been such an amazing resource. I am so thankful to have found him. - 4/9/2019 MT

Daniel is for anyone who needs more than just a therapist. He’s a problem solver/detective, compromiser, and a good friend. He helps discover things that link to your problems that you would not even know existed and finds ways to help suppress or even overcome those mountains. He is more than just your average therapist because he offers his confidentiality, loyalty and friendship. If your a first responder, no problem, he himself was a marine and understands the hardship that military, police, fire and EMS go through on a day to day basis. He has helped me personally strive to overcome my doubts, fears and hardship that has effected me and couldn’t I don’t think I could find a more perfect fit! Thank you Daniel! - 5/9/2019 CT

this review is long over due. i dodged daniel first appointment. and then on the phone i verbally accousted (sic) him. but you know what it didnt change the amazing individual that he is. he saw past all that bs and saw the inner pain that i was going through. i do currently have a great psychotherapist but daniel is another great one that is out there and a incredible resource. When my life took a turn for a worse again for difficulties finding a psychiatrist he gave me a list of psychiatrists and i was able to find a great one that is working with me and all my problems. not only is daniel a incredible person and resource he truly cares about any type of person he meets. Take a chance with him and you wont regret it believe me i have plenty of regrets in my life and meeting him was not one of them. - 6/18/2019 CG

I am blessed to have come across Daniel. His immediate response to my call was unheard of! He is very passionate about his work. He is a gem! - 7/2/2019 JP

I just started to see Dan and I am very happy with how our sessions have been going. He gets to the root of the problem and has done a lot of work of his own to learn what works and what doesn't work when one is trying to heal. I feel heard and understood. He's empathetic and offers not only advice but healing support through his compassionate nature and listening skills. I wasted time in the past on the wrong therapists that only kept things on the surface and never got to the root of the issue. I am happy I didn't settle and found Dan. Dan has been offering me great advice and information that has been helping me grow and develop more healthy patterns that allow me to accept and love myself more! Thank you Dan! - 7/30/2019 TS

My husband and I have recently started working with Daniel after some difficult life changes, we are currently working with him individually and as a couple. I first saw Daniel individually and at the end of the session he asked me how I thought the session had gone and I told him it was the best session I’ve ever had. I felt heard and understood. He is not a therapist that will nod his head and JUST listen, he listens and gives feedback, challenges you, is encouraging, and helps form a plan of action to fit your needs. I highly recommend Daniel for individual and/or couples therapy. - 8/7/2019 KD 

Daniel has been instrumental in repairing my future husband and I’s relationship. We came to him in “crisis mode” with family struggles that were detrimentally affecting our own relationship, and he has provided unbiased, objective, and insightful guidance that has helped us mend some core issues that would have otherwise ended our soon-to-be marriage. We are forever grateful for Daniel’s services, and will be seeing him regularly both as a couple, and as individuals. Daniel, thank you for all that you do! - 8/17/19 S&D

As other reviews state if you are looking for a therapist that truly cares about your treatment, then Daniel is the person to see. He really cares about his patients, and truly goes above and beyond. I remember the first time that I saw him he had already printed out some material for me to read. He follows up and makes sure that everything is going well. There are a lot of therapists out there, but very few like Daniel. Thank you Daniel for all your help! - 9/6/2019 AM


Great man. He has a deep knowledge and understanding of the human condition. Respectful and genuine. Patient; and truly determined to find the core issues that may be holding us back. - 10/13/2019 KK


I started recently working with Daniel 2~3 months ago and have found him to be an excellent therapist. His approach is helping me get to the core of my issues rather than just being a "quick fix" (which I don't think exists). Many therapists, psychologists, and especially psychiatrists have an unfortunate tendency to treat you as their "subject" rather than a fellow human being. Daniel is not this way at all; he is always compassionate, caring, and genuine. - 10/24/2019 MF

I have only been meeting with Daniel for about 2 months but have found him to be extremely compassionate and committed to helping others. He has great attention to detail, and provides lots of different tools to help communicate concepts and get to the core of the issue, which I have found to be very helpful. - 10/31/2019 KW

Daniel truly is a wonderful, caring professional. I contacted Daniel via email to inquire about couples therapy for my boyfriend and myself and he called me less than 5 minutes after I sent the message, and spent ample time on the phone with me while I explained our situation and he offered us an appointment that evening that accommodated both my boyfriend’s and my work schedule. As someone who has been in therapy throughout life I found him to be very easy to talk to and my boyfriend whom has never been to therapy found the first session to be very easy going and helpful. Daniel was ready with book recommendations and helpful packets for us to work on things outside our sessions. Daniel truly has given us a different outlook on our relationship and brought us back to our happiness. We look forward to continuing to work with him as he has been so supportive, accommodating, and very professional. He truly cares about his clients; wants to help achieve happiness and establish effective communication for a lasting relationship. It’s hard to not think of the stigmas that are attached to couples therapy; but honestly if you are struggling with your relationship or marriage, I would highly recommend Daniel, because he has saved us and helped us build a solid foundation for our future together. Many thanks Daniel - KVC 11/13/2019

The relationship I have with my spouse is rock solid. However, like everyone else, we suffer from misunderstandings. I was looking for someone to help coach or guide us to resolve our issues. Daniel Acosta was that and more. My spouse and I went into our meeting with Daniel Acosta, each carrying our own biases. I was expecting a college professor type, with zero real world experience. She was expecting an arrogant, poorly educated goofball. We were both dead wrong. Daniel Acosta is a former U.S. Marine. Thus, he understands life & death better than most. He also understands what’s most important in life. What’s more important than one’s family? Nothing. The motivation and dedication he was required to have in order to be a successful Marine is the same he uses to be a gifted therapist. In other words, to be victorious on a battlefield requires skill, swiftness and a plan. Daniel Acosta approaches his therapy sessions like this. Daniel Acosta didn’t waste our time with feel good goop. He dug in, got dirty and completed his mission. My wife and I walked away from his session feeling relieved and stronger. We plan to return to Daniel Acosta periodically just to keep our relationship fine tuned. Daniel Acosta, my wife and I thank you for keeping our nation safe and for keeping our marriage strong. - GB 11/20/2019

Me and my husband looked around for a while in search of someone who was trusting, calm, and caring for our daughter. He was very responsive via text and schedule flexibility is amazing. There were times we went as early 7am and late at 9pm which fit in our crazy life schedules. Daniel is the guy! Honestly, in such a short time of sessions he has made my daughter feel so comfortable and easy to trust. If you’re looking for someone that truly cares Daniel is definitely that person! Thank you for all you have done thus far. - MB 12/30/2019

After a unique set of circumstances that my wife and I just couldn't come to terms on, we felt it was time to seek some outside help. My wife found Daniel Acosta online, and let me tell you how relieved I am that we went. Upon entering his office my wife was nearly in tears, frantic and nervous. And from a male's point of view I was waiting to hear about my intensity or that I didn't listen enough, but he was insightful and attentive enough to bring some real clarity to the table for both myself and my wife. He also worked with us on how best to communicate and resolve issues the next time there's an issue. Daniel, I cant thank you enough!! The time spent with you was invaluable - MR 1/16/2020

Daniel has taken the time without being bias to get to the core issues of our relationship to give us a insightful recommendations to enhance our marriage to another level. The care and passion he has for his clients are commendable. No other therapist offers the care and genuine service that Daniel offers, hands down. I can't thank Daniel enough for his generosity and making us feel comfortable to open up and truly solve problems and issues at hand. His weekend flexibility to offer services to couples with kids is amazing! We, as couple, after going to therapy sessions are doing much better than before, and the results are tremendous. Please ask about the CPR process during the sessions! Trust me, its will change your life and relationship. Thank you so much Daniel! - DP 1/18/2020

Mr. Acosta has a way with pulling lost emotions and feelings out of you! He is flexible with his hours and if I need to talk to him, he is always there! He has helped so much with my past trauma and learning to love myself again. He’s easy to talk to and actually listens to you wholeheartedly! I highly recommend him!!! - KS 2/10/2020

I recently lost my mom and last year lost my father. I never coped with anything the appropriate way and found myself feeling like I was drowning and I had the weight of the world on my shoulders. I knew I needed help and that I needed to work on myself for once because I need to be strong for me and make my parents proud. I left Daniel one message and within the hour he called me back and I told him I wanted to come in as soon as possible. He got me in that day and when I got there I felt like he actually cared. I've been to therapists in the past but no one has gotten through like Daniel. He always takes the time and goes the extra mile with my therapy. I am so happy that I gave therapy another chance and I feel lucky. I highly recommend Daniel and if your feeling lost, depressed, anxious, anger, grief or all of them at the same time know that your not alone. - HN 2/29/2020

I was looking for a fair and honest therapist that would help my husband feel comfortable in a clinical setting since he's never had any experience in therapy. Daniel is hands down the best choice you can make. He is so attentive and gives both of us a chance to talk while making us feel comfortable enough to express ourselves and not be afraid about being honest with him and each other. I HIGHLY recommended him if you've never been to a therapist before and if you want someone who doesn't pick sides who actually helps you communicate effectively to each other and learn how to listen. He is the best! - CB 3/8/2020

Daniel is a great guy. Down to earth, super easy going and easy to talk to. Hears what my wife and myself are saying or even trying to say. Great ability to put himself in our shoes. I didn’t think I would ever actually like therapy but he makes it easy to enjoy even during difficult sessions. Best of all I think he challenges both of us to not only understand each other and ourselves but also to put in the work where we need improvement. He calls it as he sees it. I like that. Straight forward but not harsh. When our first session had that immediate breakthrough type of feeling I knew we were talking to the right guy. - MV 3/8/2020

We stumbled upon Daniel almost accidentally as we were going through a tough time and needed someone to help us through it immediately. We called about 6 different people and he was the first to answer and man are we glad no one else did. Daniel was able to accommodate us immediately and really helped us understand the situation on a different level. The following day, we received a text asking how we were doing, he was genuinely concerned and that never stopped. Daniel has been there for us and continues to be there for us through the thick of this and through this pandemic. Although we can’t meet in person, we can still do video sessions which work out great for all parties. Not only is he great at his job, he doesn’t judge, he sees things from all perspectives and he truly genuinely cares about his clients. He has stayed up texting me through a situation until midnight! I mean, that type of concern and dedication to our case should say a lot about him. We highly recommend Daniel. We continue to look forward to our sessions and look forward to the outcome. - CC 3/18/2020

I have only had a few sessions with Daniel but I have been very impressed with the way he conducts his sessions and how caring he is about his clients. I love that I get something out of every single session that I've had with him. He is great at listening and understanding what it is that you are trying to achieve and every session is designed to help you achieve your goals. I am extremely fortunate to have found Daniel. - LP 4/10/2020

Daniel has helped our family with different issues that have come up that needed a neutral and professional opinion. He is a great listener and everyone has been open to the sessions. His availability for sessions are outstanding regardless if it fell on a weekend, holiday or evening. I highly recommend Daniel if you are needing any assistance and want a caring therapist that wants each session to be beneficial for the client. - LT 5/3/2020

Daniel is awesome! Right away we felt at ease and very comfortable to talk and open up to him. Just after a few sessions- me and my husband are at such a great place- thanks to Daniels help. He really does care for you and the relationship and wants to find ways to make the two of you happier and healthier in your marriage. We also really loved that when it was time- he suggested we make the sessions less frequent. That just showed that he is not in it for the money but for truly the well being of the couple and once he feels you are at a better place- he says it and offers that. We both really appreciate Daniel and look forward to our sessions! I would recommend him to everyone and anyone. - PK 5/27/2020

Daniel is a wonderful therapist. I reached out to him on the weekend and got a response immediately.  He has allowed me to view my situation from a different perspective. He goes out of his way to ensure that he understands the issues and provides additional support even after hours and including weekends. He is very efficient in his approach and is very easy to talk to. I will definitely recommend him to my friends and family. I love working with him and I am looking forward to continuing my journey of self-growth. - TM 7/13/2020

Initially I went to Dan for marriage counseling. His understanding and compassion was what I needed to really look inside of myself and my past childhood issues that kept effecting me throughout my entire life and other relationships not just my marriage. He is always challenging the norm and helping me reach new heights in my life. I highly recommend Dan. His insights will free you from the issues that keep you from attaining the dreams and accomplishments you want. Dan continues to be there for me even after finishing my sessions. He is always thoughtful and still checks in with me. I would rate him a 10 out of 10! - KN 7/18/2020

Daniel is helping me manage my anxiety. Without his help, I would just be huddled in my bed unable to know how to deal with these sudden emotions. Thankfully, Daniel has giving me the tools and support to help me function at work and in my personal life. - AE 8/1/2020

Daniel has been a huge part in the success of our marriage. We’ve struggled with a lot as a couple, and Daniel has been there to help us through it all. He is not one to give up either ! If you are looking for a therapist that will be VERY honest and REAL then Daniel is the one for you! I’m so glad I trusted the reviews, and hope that this review will help someone who is trying to decide on who to work with too, look no further he’s the one! - FK 8/3/2020

Perhaps the most effusive review I can leave for Daniel is, after only 4 sessions, I transformed from someone who was a bit skeptical about the efficacy of therapy to someone who would enthusiastically recommend everyone spend regular time checking in with a qualified MFT like Daniel. Daniel listened, offered tools, encouraged, and with guidance, gave me the space to come to the conclusions I needed for myself. I can't offer professional/scientific commentary, but I know I feel lighter than I did a month ago and less anxiety when interacting with others. We are all works in progress, and I now realize it's beneficial to continue the journey and make therapeutic work a regular part of our lives - it's well worth the cost (humility and time). - BW 8/5/2020

Speaking with Daniel has been the most helpful resource in the last 3 years of searching. After the first session, I felt hopeful. After the second session, I felt supported. I love his approach of getting right to it, being able to speak in free flow as well as bring everything back into focus, and actually having a laid out plan with some clear cut expectations. His ability to see me and articulate my feelings with accuracy is unlike anyone I’ve spoken with previous. I’m grateful for each discussion. - KP 9/9/2020

Daniel is an incredible coach!! In the two and a half months we've been seeing him, we've made incredible progress already thanks to him. We wouldn't know where we'd be without him. Thank you, Daniel!! - TS 10/7/2020

I have been working with Daniel for over 2 years for anxiety and the progress has been amazing. My quality of life has improved since I first started. He rewired my thoughts into thinking positively and went into detail of how to handle each situation that arose, complete with relatable examples and counter solutions to subdue my fears and doubts. He even had me take these examples and test them out in the real world over a course of several weeks, and at first I was hesitant and nervous but then the repetitive exposure as well as his feedback helped me conquer the negative image I had of myself. It was hard work and not the easiest of things to do, but being able to go out and not worry about what people think is a really freeing experience. He also helped me progress with my career my managing my test anxiety and practicing interview questions. He helped me set boundaries for personal relationships and how to identify toxic behaviors. The best part is that he is invested in me throughout the whole process, not just for the times I am doing well, but for when things get real tough. He is there to lift me up and give me strength to push onward toward my goals. I am super thankful for how much time and work he continues to put in for me. I am beginning to see the world in a new light and it is bringing back a lot of my good qualities that have been repressed for a long time. I feel like I am becoming more and more like myself each day and although there is still a lot more work I have to put in to get to where I want to be, I am grateful from where I came to where I am now. Thank you Daniel. - DA 11/22/2020

I started working with Daniel during September 2020. During the initial consultation, Daniel explained the various professional services that he offers and we decided that Life Coaching would be best for my situation. Right out of the gate, Daniel provided a plethora of tools that I could put to use. He helped me to see things through a different lens and enabled me to start taking control of my life. Daniel didn’t just listen while I talked but he offered his own life experiences that were similar to my own. I found Daniel to be very personable, relatable and I greatly enjoyed our time together. He is a professional that cares deeply about his work and those that he works with. I highly recommend Daniel as a Life Coach! - AC 12/28/2020

I started working with Daniel in February of last year. I initially contacted him to help my husband and I learn how to communicate effectively and work on the issues that were plaguing our relationship. To say that Daniel helped us is an understatement. The way he listens to both parties and is able to guide and control the conversations( sometimes loud discussions 😆) to where we both were able to see each other and actually hear each other is the best thing he taught us. I eventually transitioned into one-on-one sessions with Daniel and let me tell you, he has been instrumental in my mental and emotional growth. To say he is just a psychologist doesn’t do him justice. He is the psychologist that you wish you could find everywhere. The tools that he gives you to help you go through your highest of highs and lowest of lows and everywhere in between are absolutely life changing. If it wasn’t for him, I would have never found my inner child or done any type of inner child work. Let me tell you, it hurts doing the work. It sucks. It’s painful. Yet you always leave your session feeling like you accomplished something for yourself whether it be big or small. I recommend him to everyone I know who needs help and guidance because of one thing: he GENUINELY CARES about you and who you are and how to become the best version of yourself. He is one of a kind and you would be super hard pressed to find a psychologist who would even match the way he practices. - CV 2/1/2021

I don't even have the words to describe how much Daniel has impacted my life. He is the most incredible therapist I have ever worked with. During sessions, Daniel has a way of making me feel heard and understood while digging deep to help me understand why I may feel a certain way. He truly cares about his clients and goes out of his way to check in between sessions and provide resources to help along the way. Thank you Daniel for being a huge part of my healing journey. If you are looking for a therapist, look no further because this man is incredible. I promise you wont regret it. - DM 3/21/2021

Daniel is truly awesome. He is very compassionate and always provides a safe environment for me to communicate my emotions, which is very hard to do because of my anxiety. I had 5 sessions with him so far, and I’m already feeling great progress in how I feel about life and how I deal with my emotions . I’m truly thankful that I have come across Daniel and gave therapy another chance. - AD 3/15/2021

Daniel Acosta brought my fiancée and closer together than ever before. We resolved both underlying and obvious issues. Daniel sacrificed his personal time to help when we needed it during late hours on the weekend. I really appreciate Daniel and highly recommend him. - BF 3/14/2021

Daniel was extremely helpful during a difficult time in Covid. He was a great listener and was easy to connect with. He provided me great tools and tactics to deal with my anxiety and issues I am struggling with. I would highly recommend visiting him as he portrayed great empathy and an ability to meet you where you are at emotionally. - SS 6/7/2021

Daniel was very nice honest, and gave absolutely great advice and insight based on what he heard and what information he was given. Would recommend him to anyone. - SM 4/22/2021

Very caring and open therapist. Focuses on you and your needs, and he actually remembers things said from previous sessions. Other therapists I've seen couldn't even remember names of my significant others or events that I talked about in previous sessions. Very goal oriented approach and overall a good guy. Highly recommend. Update - Dan’s life coaching strategies have been very helpful in me taking back my life and my self identity. Highly recommend Dan even after a couple years of working with him on and off. He’s super invested and passionate about healing. - MT 5/5/2021

I’ve been working with Mr Acosta for many years he is very professional and a great person to work with. - HA 5/20/2021

Daniel from the first time you make contact with him makes it clear he cares about his clients. He is extremely easy to talk with and never makes you feel guilty or wrong only how he can assist in helping you. I have already referred him to numerous close friends. - JC 6/14/2021